Subway Surfers: Marrakech Game Online For Free

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Subway surfers visited beautiful Marrakesh. Of the variety of interesting places available in the city, the guys chose the metro. It is here that their new exciting adventure will take place, to which you can also join. Help the guys escape from the police, collect more coins and have fun.

How To Play:
Clicking on the screen with the left mouse button will cause the character of the game to start running away from the policeman chasing him. The guy's success in this business will depend on you. Be attentive in combination with high reaction speed to help the guy break away from the pursuit. In order to do this, he must deftly maneuver between all the obstacles in his path. Among the latter will be trains, fences and more. Use the keyboard arrows to control the guy running automatically. Press the one that indicates the direction "up" in order for the character to jump. He will be able to slip under the obstacle if you press the down arrow. You can change the character's lane by pressing the "right" or "left" arrows. By helping a character collect coins, you get closer to