Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Online For Free

8.3 258 ratings

Russian Driver Zila is a legendary character who can do almost anything and believe me, this is not a legend at all. But let's try to become a Zila 130 driver for a while and check everything that this car is capable of. Of course, it was created for the transportation of goods in any conditions, this applies to the desert, taiga, cities, and so on. Becoming a driver, you will have to cope with a large number of different tasks, test the strength of the truck and your nerves. The game itself is represented by several modes, and this applies not only to the transport of goods. Take, for example, parking a car in an urban environment, because this car can be found in the city, even in the capital, where there are few parking spaces for cars, not to mention a truck. And the racing mode, in which you need to squeeze everything you can out of the car, while not breaking the engine.