Run with Nail Extensions Game Online For Free

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Many fashionistas consider long nails to be the standard of style and visit nail salons to build them up. You also have to do the same by taking part in an unusual race. Its participant will be a finger on which you need to grow as long a finger as possible.
Click on the screen to move your finger forward. At the beginning of the race, his fingernail will be short, and your task is to ensure that the finger finishes with the longest possible fingernail. To do this, use the mouse to direct it to those sides of the track where additional parts of the nail will be located. Each such part will make the nail longer. In addition, you can paint your nail in any of the colored polishes that will also be present on the way, as well as decorate it with a colored package. But remember that the finger should never collide with the spinning saws. They will cut off the nail, which will lead to a loss in the level, and its passage will have to start over. With each subsequent round, new obstacles will arise in the way of the finger, which it must bypass with your help.