Poppy Strike Game Online For Free

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Huggy Waggi has become a real nightmare for many Internet users. It is this toothy monster that will follow you around in the game. In order to get rid of this terrible creature, you will need to demonstrate accuracy, because it will be possible to eliminate it with the help of firearms.
How To Play:
"WSAD" keys Traffic ,"Space" key Bounce,"Right Mouse Button" Fire ,"Left Mouse Button" Aim,"Mouse Roll Button" Weapon Change,"R" key Recharge,"Shift" key Acceleration,"T" key Time Slowdown,"C" key sit down,"P" key Pause,"L" key Lock Cursor.
For the duration of the game, you will be transported to the map of the legendary "Counter Strike", where you will have to search for clones of the plush monster Huggy Waggi. This will not be easy to do, because cunning creatures are hiding and waiting for the moment to scare you. Use the arrow keys to move around the map. If you hide from monsters behind various objects or buildings, you can peek out from behind them by pressing the E key. Having found a clone of a plush monster, open fire on it before it has time to approach and attack. You can shoot at Huggy Waggi by clicking the left mouse button. Try to destroy as many plush monsters as you can within the two minutes allotted for each round. At the beginning of each of them, you will have at your disposal a new type of firearms.