Freefall Tournament Game Online For Free

9.2 1127 ratings

FreeFall Tournament is a space marines themed TPS (third person shooter). Intense, fast-paced, team combat. Animation, effects, and camera control that make you feel like a true space marine…super human. Freefall Tournament is a terrific game which you can play for free.
How to Play:
Use Arrow keys And WASD button to Move, Use Right Mouse button to Zoom, Use Left Mouse button to Aim/Shoot, Use Spacebar button to Jetpack/Jump, Use Q button to Special Attack/Boost, Use Shift button to Gravity boots, Use E button to Jump/Shield skill, Use F button to Bomb, Use C button to Changes class, Use G button to Team Chat, Use 1 And 2 button to Switch Weapons, Use R button to Reload, Use O button to Options/Settings, Use Tab button to show teams stats, Use T button to Text chat.