Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise Game Online For Free

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Hurray! Santa Claus has given his reindeer to Baby Hazel for a few days. Let???s join Hazel to help her in taking a good care of baby reindeer. Keep little animal happy by feeding her delicious food and playing fun-filled games with her. Help Hazel to complete all animal care activities so that Santa appreciated her efforts.

Baby Hazel gets a surprise gift

Baby Hazel gets a surprise gift from Santa Claus. Would you like to know what is it? Play the level and check on your own.

Baby Hazel feeds the baby reindeer

Wow! Santa has asked Hazel to keep his reindeer with her for a few days. Oh! Little reindeer is messy and her belly is empty. Can you help Hazel to remove snow from reindeer???s body and feed her tasty food?

Baby Hazel plays games with reindeer

Little reindeer???s belly is full and now its playtime for her. Let???s have fun by joining Baby Hazel and baby reindeer in their ???hide and seek??? game.

Baby Hazel puts baby reindeer to sleep

Its bedtime but baby reindeer is in no mood to take nap. Help Baby Hazel to put reindeer to sleep by narrating interesting bedtime stories to her.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.