Baby Hazel Funtime Game Online For Free

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Baby Hazel enjoyed a nightlong sleep with sweet dreams. She woke up happily this morning and ready to enjoy her day. Help her in getting fresh and then feed her with lukewarm water. Make her fun hours more playful by offering toys of her choice. Enjoy having fun with Hazel and keep her happy by fulfilling all her needs.

Hazel diaper change

Our little Baby Hazel just woke up from her deep sleep and feeling fresh now. Oh, no but she bit uneasy as her diaper is wet and stinking badly. Make her happy by changing her diaper.

Baby Hazel milk feed

Hazel is done with morning routine work – brushing and bathing. Now she is waiting to feed her small hungry tummy. Can you feed her with lukewarm milk? And yes, don't forget to sterilize the bottle before pouring milk in it.

Baby Hazel play time

Baby Hazel is done with breakfast and now fun hour starts for her. She is in a cheerful mood and wishes to play with her favorite toys. Keep Hazel smiling by giving her toys she wants to play with.


Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.